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Studio Racine is a multi-disciplinary photography and education practice founded by Jacob Pesci. The artist creates and publishes books, produces and executes commissioned projects, and builds classrooms structured around the art of photography and visual language. Studio Racine’s mission is to create equitable opportunities in art and photography while empowering and lifting the voices of diversity. Fighting for truth and justice, equality and inclusion; his work focuses on developing social and emotional intelligence through creative exploration to impact the world for the better and create opportunity, security, and prosperity for all.


 Jacob Pesci is a practicing photographer, artist, and educator. Jacob's studio practice focuses on themes surrounding the human condition and personal connections through the mediums of film photography, print, and bookmaking. His work aims to visualize memories and emotions to understand the nature of identity; while finding healing and awareness, of the body, the spirit, and the world we inhabit. 


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